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New Years Resolutions month by month
  1. January- Make a Budget. Try 
  2. February- Rebalance retirement portfolio
  3. March- Be a smart shopper with aps like RedLaser
  4. April- Lower your tax bill- study the and Deductions
  5. May- Lower your mortgage by making one extra payment
  6. June- Declutter your home. Have a block yard sale.
  7. July- Evaluate your credit cards. Are you getting the best deals. NerdWallet can help you
  8. August- Order your free annual credit reports from Equifax, Experian and Trans union.  See
  9. September- Are you paying your bills on time? Apps like Manilla can help
  10. October- Deposit your loose change. Many banks have coin counting machines
  11. November- Upgrade your on-Online security. Keep your passwords safe with tools like Dashline, Password Genie or LastPass
  12. December- Reassess your Life Insurance- is helpful
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