Secure Money Matters
Ruth Okin, MBA, DMM
Maintaining independent
lifestyles...with discretion.


Services are tailored to meet your individual needs:

Bill review and mail sorting

We will open and review all of your bills and verify their accuracy. If there are discrepancies, we can follow up and handle corrections.

Checking Account

We wil balance your checking account, organize your files, provide monthly statements.

Bill payment

We can set up on-line payments or create checks for your signature and make sure that they are paid on-time every month. 



We will organize your documents so that at tax time you will be ready. No more scrambling to find the statements you need.

Bill discrepancies 

We will contact billers on your behalf and have discrepancies  corrected.


Budget Coaching

We can help you set up and maintain your budget.

....always done with confidentiality and professionalism.




Secure Money Matters
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