Secure Money Matters
Ruth Okin, MBA, DMM
Maintaining independent
lifestyles...with discretion.

Perhaps you: 
  • Have a hectic work schedule, travel a lot and don't want to spend your free time paying bills.
  • Are retired or are a senior citizen and need help.
  • Are a single working parent overwhelmed and in need of additional support.
  • Have a medical condition or have a reached a stage in life which makes bill management too difficult.
Are caring for someone else's finances and don't really have the time.
  • Are a working couple who has little free time.
  • Dread tax time because you can never find the records you need.

Whatever your reasons, I can:
  • Review your bills for accuracy.
  • Organize your files in the comfort of your home or remotely.
  • Provide the second set of hands or oversight that will make your life more manageable.
  • Help you set up and maintain a budget.


Together we will define your needs and design the support you can depend on.

Secure Money Matters
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